Iron courtain

Prague prefabs todays eyes

Prague prefabs todays eyes


In the Hall of the architects of the Prague Old Town Hall was late May, an exhibition dedicated to the history of Pragues housing estates. The introductory text states that Prague settlements occupy six percent of the total area of the city, which is 200,000 that make up forty percent of the housing stock, the Czech capital. Live in housing estates 470,000 people of Prague, close to half of all residents. Zajímá vás těžba kameniva? Podívejte se, jak to funguje.

Prague - The Iron Curtain

Prague - The Iron Curtain


In 1989, the Prague Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany became the center of attention of the world media. The land authorities resorted thousands of East German refugees who came here to seek political asylum.Nejmodernější vestavěné skříně na míru Vašeho interiéru od zkušeného výrobce. Officials morally weakened the German Democratic Republic finally allowed the 30th September its citizens to travel to the West. In a few weeks the borders were opened GDR and Czechoslovakia fell communist regime. Today, everything is different and you can visit Czech republic and spend time in .

Socialist architecture today

Socialist architecture today


Some places his personality imprinted in the memory of people and over time they become symbols. In Prague between such symbols include South City, the largest housing estate in the country, built at a time when the human scale in the space not taken into account too.Myslíte si, že dovolená s dětmi nemůže proběhnout v klidu a pohodě? Resort Svatá Kateřina má řešení pro každého. Then as today, but true: South City is the place alive. At more than 50 housing estates in is home to over 40 percent of the city and when you ask someone here on his first association on housing estate, a large proportion of respondents indicating just South City.

Iron courtain in Czechoslovakia

Iron courtain in Czechoslovakia


Iron Curtain on the western border of the Czech began to create virtually since 1948, he's really become impassable during the years 1952 and 1953 in response to the sustained escapes some people across the border. In the German Democratic Republic was building the Iron Curtain, a little later, the last phase was the construction of the Berlin Wall that divided the city of Berlin into two parts.

Europe after the second world war

Europe after the second world war


The Cold War: A long-term global conflict between communist and democratic countries, which took place in the broadest definition of time from the end of the second World War II until the collapse of communism (as an ideology and system) at the end of the 80th years, specifically within the second half of the 40th years and 50 20th cent. Raised increasing contradictions between the Allies of 2 World War I prompted the Soviet political and military expansion in Central and Southeastern Europe and the Far East.


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