Socialist architecture today


Some places his personality imprinted in the memory of people and over time they become symbols. In Prague between such symbols include South City, the largest housing estate in the country, built at a time when the human scale in the space not taken into account too. Then as today, but true: South City is the place alive. At more than 50 housing estates in Prague rental apartments is home to over 40 percent of the city and when you ask someone here on his first association on housing estate, a large proportion of respondents indicating just South City.

Socialist architecture today

For most people outside still is the essence of all the negatives that this form of socialist construction has brought, while its people have a natural human need from your place of residence at least to some extent, identify: your own home can not be experienced as a dormitory or a monstrous rabbit hutch. There are also those who can appreciate the aesthetics of housing estates, architectural theorist Rostislav Švach example, resemble abstract art or paintings of Piet Mondrian.

South Town in Prague had to be built by the architect Lasovského and the Beautiful, who in 1968 won the urban design competition as an autonomous satellite town of 80,000 inhabitants with intense urban development situated to a large park areas. As part of the comprehensive housing or centrally controlled system construction organization in terms of dysfunctional market with a strong pressure on the efficiency of the original design of large-scale project too left.

Situations where the completion of the first stage of settlement in 1976 to around Plicková street first tenants moved in, in terms of the social structure of a diverse mix of construction workers, prominent regime, young families or residents evicted from the city center, dedicated to the cinema satire Chytilová Panelstory or the birth settlement of 1979. There was a lack of medical facilities, schools, specialty shops and walkways and ramps for strollers, so mandatory equipment for everyday movement in muddy boots, or at least were plastic bags, dragged through the shoes.

Desperate was the lack of phone booths, so for example, call a doctor entailed dobalancovat the plank over the excavation on the phone and then convince everyone in the queue, it is really urgent. Residents still remember that the biggest problem was the need to travel constantly, to the city or to the city center had to go for shopping, for sport and for culture and entertainment. Metro is not yet at that time Haje introduced, so that drove enhanced bus service to the station C Budweis and from there started up people into employment.

However, it seems that at this stage of the adventure living in South City, most people today remembers with a smile and interviews with members of the generation that here in the late 70th and early 80th years has grown, show that many of them on their settlement recalls happy childhood. Let the word Petr Musil, who in 1978 as a four-year moved with his parents to Haje: "My memories are definitely influenced by our block of flats stood at the edge of housing Milíčovský piece of wood, so it was pretty obvious where to go with the guys after school play. "

Of course, by far not everything was perfect: "In Panelstory it was captured well, to purchase we really literally wading through the mud, and I remember that for much of the housing was available only Sámoška and it was just far enough away from us. We had to go shopping to Stavbárska canteen. " However, it is of the opinion that live on the estate is due to the well-equipped, with a dry and bright flats much better than living in an apartment building in Nusle. This attitude is not unique, because the move to South City meant in the second half of the 70th years, especially to get their own new home, which was at that time a real moneymaker housing policy. Despite being learned then South City because of the need to live in an unfinished housing estate brand, which is still not rendered. This is not altered by the fact that Jižák then and now is like chalk and cheese.


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